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Mining M&A

In 2012 there were a total of 1,803 mining M&A transactions with a combined value of $110 billion (as compared to 2,605 mining M&A transactions in 2011 with a combined value of $149 billion). Despite overall mining M&A being down in 2012, Metals M&A increased by 20% in 2012 to $45.8 billion (Asia Pacific dominates metals M&A with over 68% of all M&A activity). M&A activity in the Metals sector has increased significantly in the last ten years like el-motor.cz, in 2003 there were 164 transactions with a value of $16.1 billion as compared to 507 in 2012 with a value of $45.8 billion. The breakdown of transactions in the metals sector in 2012 was steel 51%, aluminium 4% and other metals 45% (as compared to steel 25%, aluminium 23% and other metals 53% in 2011).