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Mining Public Markets

As at 31st December 2012 there were 2,800 public mining companies globally with a combined market value of $2,819 billion. The Toronto Stock Exchange and The Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures (TSX) are where 57% of the world’s public mining companies are listed and where 67% of all mining equity capital was raised during 2012 and 68% of all new listings occurred.

There are currently over 9,000 mineral projects being mined/developed by the 1673 mining companies listed on the TSX (over 50% of which are outside Canada). There are currently over 1,100 public companies that either mine or explore for gold. The Top 30 companies that mine or explore for gold have a combined market value of $166 billion.  Annual gold sales are $141 billion.

Mining Public Markets as at December 2012

2800 public mining companies with a combined market value of over $2.8 trillion

Number of Listings
Value of Listings (USD Billions)