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Mining/Processing and Infrastructure

In the main mining and process plant construction, a major opportunity of employment and training is envisaged. By agreement and consensus, a primary processing industry will be established in the region. This industry will be World-class in size, but also based on the highest technology standards. The supporting infrastructure will need to be included to service material control, electricity, water, effluent, storage of tailing, transport of products at different stages. Housing, and services all associated with workers including roads, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc. will need to be put in place. An assumption can be made that at least 20,000 people will be directly employed at several construction stages on the mining / processing and supportive infrastructure.

Again, like with the smaller scale exploration, training will be important, and will be included as part of the school curriculum. Further modifications need to be made to the socio-economic approach to include more sensitive issues like school curriculums, woman in mining, health in general and all other aspect that could arise based on the “new life style”.