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Social Impact

PCL will provide a sustainable development program in partnership with the local community with the main aim of influencing the current socio-economic status which will address mineral deposits and mining opportunities in such a way that will prove to be to the benefit of the local population.

A full report with regards to the social impact that the Jongju Super Mine will have in the region is being prepared in conjunction with the relevant local authorities. The report will illustrate how the commodity spread will change existing infrastructure, create job opportunities, forming secondary and tertiary businesses. Besides the exploration, construction, mining and processing activities, it is envisaged that a minimum of 20, 000 jobs will be available, with an effect on another 300,000 people in the local vicinity. In addition the report will calculate the overall economic effect of the Jongju “High-Tech” zone on the long term development of Jongju Deposit and surrounding areas.